Video Métafil D10

Vidéo Métafil D10

A Windows-based CNC Software

The CNC software of our machine is a FASTware concept by Cybelec, based on the Windows operating system by Microsoft.

This concept integrates the latest designs in terms of axis regulation and performance optimizing. Programming is based on ISO codes. Thanks to its ergonomic interface features, the machine is very user-friendly and easy to operate.

Its large, IP65 protected, touch-screen can be placed anywhere around the machine in a angle of 270°. Also, the software has all the necessary properties for remote maintenance as well a SMS alert-generating features.

Capture 1: manual mode

The standard screen procures manual access to all the machine functions and is designed to allow an intuitive approach. In this mode the operator has total control over all the functions of the lathe.

Commande numérique

Capture 2: automatic cycle

In this mode, the operator is able to view alle the operations memorised in the 4 channels of the machine - either for automatic processing or for editing new programmes.


Latest Information

ISO certification renewal

In September 2023, we have successfully passed the renewal audit of our ISO 9001-2015 certification.


ISO Certification

Our quality management according to ISO 9001-2015 complies with the most exacting requirements of the market.